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Our nursery

Looking for a quiet and green place ?

In a new area, easily accessible from the Cloche D’Or area and close to a leisure park and schools, our single-storey structure is located on the ground floor of the Carbone Residence.

Our bright and recent nursery has been purpose-built with a modern equipment (floor heating, indoor and outdoor space layouts, garden, synthetic grass…).

Caring about a homey feel ?

Feel free to contact us to discover our family structure : we are pleased to welcome 27 children, from 3-month-old babies to 4-year-old children.


Pédagogie - illustration de la bienveillance


Pédagogie - illustration de l'attachement


Pédagogie - illustration de la confiance


Pédagogie - illustration de la liberté d'exploration

Freedom to explore

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Pédagogie - Image présentant la bienveillance


We offer a caring support based on each child’s unique and respective skills and needs.

We hold dear to respect each child’s development :
our approach is based on nonviolent communication and welcoming his/her emotions.

Pédagogie - Image présentant l'attachement


Feeling reassured is important both for the parents and the children so as to build a confidence-based relationship with the educator. The quality of exchanges will generate secure attachment, enabling the child to explore the world around him/ her.

Pédagogie - Image présentant la confiance


The child needs a benevolent look that will encourage him/her to use his /her skills to build self-esteem.

Pédagogie - Image présentant la liberté d'exploration

Freedom to explore

Our educational project is based on active pedagogical approaches in a secure environment : the child makes his/her discoveries at his/her own pace.

In open spaces, the child, actor and explorer, will awaken his/her senses through free games and workshops.

Pédagogie - Image présentant le plaisir


To play, laugh, shout, climb, jump, run, throw, smell, hear, taste, touch, observe, share…
And you ? What would please you ?

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The nursery is a place full of discoveries and exchanges where the child will enjoy naturally developing his/her learnings.

Our activities

  • Daily life

  • Early reading / language

  • Psychomotricity

  • Manipulating

  • Artistic development

  • Musical development

  • Relaxing

  • Daily life

  • Early reading / language

  • Psychomotricity

  • Manipulating

  • Artistic development

  • Musical development

  • Relaxing

The nursery is a place for socializing where the children will enjoy making their first learning of daily life.

The educational team encourages them to take essential actions: wash their hands, brush their teeth, blow their nose, undress, dress, …. and involves them in key moments of the day.

Language development is done naturally and daily. Media help us develop language : through rituals (date, weather, emotions chart), albums, nursery rhymes, memory games, puppets, the mascot’s notebook, the daily life notebook.

A listening and reading corner is available for the children.
Moreover we develop sign language associated with speech.

Motor development is essential for children of this age. Psychomotricity will prompt a child to start to move (move modes : walking, running, jumping, crawling).

We encourage freedom of movement so that the child can learn to discover his/her body and gradually comes to control it.

In a fun environment, the educational team also offers psychomotor development sessions.

The child learns by mimesis too, imitating body language.

An external specialist also offers children a psychomotor session once a week.

Manipulating develops all the senses, especially touch. It focuses on fine motor skills (hand grip and general handling (movements of the whole body)), intelligence (observing cause -effect relationships), creativity (different forms), socializing (playing games with others) : we observe, we compare, we imitate, we help each other.

Creative activities will help stimulate the desire to do and curiosity, develop each child’s artistic creativity, offer him/her the possibility to live new experiences. The child develops his/her senses, his/her fine motor skills, his/her aesthetic sense, learn the colours, develops his/her language, his/her imagination, his/her concentration, his/her self-esteem and lives new experiences.

Each week for one hour, a music specialist comes to raise the children’s awareness to a melody, a rhythm, an instrument. Through nursery rhymes, songs (games, texts, gestures) with musical instruments, the children’s musical awareness develops. The rest of the time, nursery rhymes are hummed especially during the morning rituals. A « listening » corner offers the children who wish to come and listen to a few songs.

The youngest children (0-1 year old) are proposed relaxing massages and the children aged 2 to 4 years old can enjoy specific relaxing workshops. These moments aim at developing well-being, interpersonal skills, emotions (controlling them, deciding to express them or not) and the senses (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile) through playful stimulation (light variations, scent workshops, or exploration of different materials).

Our approaches are based on an initiation into yoga, snoezelen and sophrology.

Our assets

The diversity of professional backgrounds (nursery nurse, educator, teacher…) and the continuing training of our team are assets to accompany your children.

  • Sign language associated with speech

    We use sign language associated with speech so as to help in communicating in general and more precisely with babies who have not acquired the verbal language yet and with the children who do not talk the languages used at the nursery.

  • Nonviolent communication

    Nonviolent communication can develop an empathic approach and increases the quality of the parents-child relationship.

  • Emotions

    We accompany the young children’s emotions to help them develop their self-confidence and understanding of their inner world.

Cooperating with the parents is essential. We wish to be a local nursery that develops a real partnership and sincere exchanges.
Parents will find their place in the nursery through : bi-annual festivals, outings, follow-up interviews, and a personalized support if they wish.

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Usual languages of the country used in the nursery.

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Communication with English-speaking parents.

Icone de la terre

Cultural richness of the children and families : multilingual projects :stories, cuisine from other lands, trips around the world…

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